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Times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)/Vancouver, BC Time.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

  • 08:00 09:45

    Session V: Health Policy and AUD/ALD

    8:00-8:05: Introduction

    8:05-8:25: Title

    8:25-8:45: Building Effective Population-Based Alcohol Policies II: Impact of Interventions on Health Outcomes and Costs

    8:45-9:05: Alcohol and Public Health Policy: Global Priorities

    9:05-9:25: Improving Integration of Public Health and Hepatology: Where the Hepatologist Can Go from Here

    9:25-9:45: Panel Discussion/Q&A

  • 09:45 10:05


  • 10:05 11:45

    Session VI: Community Models in the Management of AUD/ALD

    10:05-10:25: Management of ALD in Remote and Rural Communities

    10:25-10:45: Indigenous Populations and AUD

    10:45-11:05: Harm Reduction: Managed Alcohol Consumption Programs- Perspectives Working with Hepatology Providers

    11:05-11:25: Collaborative Community Models in the Treatment of ALD and AUD

    11:25-11:45: Panel Discussion/Q&A/Closing Remarks