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Times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)/Vancouver, BC Time.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

  • 08:00 09:45

    Session I: Introduction to AUD/ALD: Epidemiology and Pathophysiology

    8:00-8:05: Introduction and Welcome

    8:05-8:25: Epidemiology of Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease in Canada

    8:25-8:45: Comorbid Liver Disease: Alcohol Use in NASH and HCV

    8:45-9:05: Pathophysiology of Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease and Targets for Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis Treatments

    9:05-9:25: Neurobiology of Addictions

    9:25-9:45: Panel Discussion/Q&A

  • 09:45 10:05


  • 10:05 12:05

    Session II: Early ALD: Screening, Linkage to care, Integrated care models

    10:05-10:25: Screening Tools and Biomarkers for AUD

    10:25-10:45: Referral pathways for ALD

    10:45-11:05: Pharmacological Therapy for AUD, Considerations for ALD

    11:05-11:25: Integrated Care Model: Multidisciplinary Clinic for Management of ALD

    11:45-12:05: Panel Discussion/Q&A

  • 12:05 13:05


  • 13:05 14:25

    Session III: Communication Strategies and Motivational Interviewing for individuals with AUD and ALD

    13:05-13:25: Alcohol Brief Intervention: Communication Strategies with People Who Use Alcohol

    13:25-14:25: Interactive Breakout Session: Motivational Interviewing (2 rooms)

  • 14:25 14:45


  • 14:45 16:30

    Session IV: Advanced ALD: Therapeutics, Considerations around Liver Transplantation

    14:45-14:50: Case Study: ALD and Liver Transplant

    14:50-15:30: Case Discussion: Management of the Hospitalized Patient with ALD, Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis Treatment/Therapeutics, When to Consider Transplant

    15:30-15:50: Recommendations for Psychosocial Evaluation of Transplant Candidate

    15:50-16:10: Defining Success After Transplant for ALD: Relapses, Slips, Prognostic Factors

    16:10-16:30: Panel Discussion/Q&A

  • 16:30 18:00


  • 18:00 19:00


  • 19:00 21:00

    Dinner: Trainee Debate

    Who should be treating AUD? Hepatology or addictions? (Other potential ideas: screening for AUD in primary care, minimum pricing for alcohol, Alcohol and concomitant liver disease- can you drink alcohol?)