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2018 Program Iformation 

Thank you for participating in the 2018 Canadian Liver Meeting which offered a forum for presentation and discussion of basic science, translational and clinical aspects of liver disease. This was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, promote collaboration and foster knowledge translation among Canadian researchers, healthcare practitioners and community-based groups with interest in Hepatology.

The program featured Canadian and international speakers, the latest research presentations, state of the art symposia, and a wealth of networking opportunities with peers, trainees, allied health practitioners, and industry.

The Canadian Liver Meeting is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Participants can claim up to a maximum of 19.5 study credits.


Friday - feb 9, 2018
7th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C

Session #1: Biomedical Research

  • DAA Induced Reversal of Immunce Senescence - Lisa Barrett, Dalhousie University
  • Increased Usage of a Public CD8 T Cell Clonotype in Spontaneously Resolved HCV Infection - Sabrina Mazouz, CRCHUM, Montréal
  • Impaired CD8+ T-cell Function is Associated with Liver Disease Severity in Chronic HCV Infection and Remains Unresolved After HCV Cure - Angela Crawley, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Session #2: Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health Research

  • Health Systems and HCV Elimination: Overcoming Challenges Through a Micro-Elimination Approach - Jeffrey Lazarus, ISGlobal, Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona
  • Indigenous Data Sovereignty on the Path to HCV Elimination - Jennifer Walker, Laurentian University
  • HCV: Bringing Care to Patients in Rural and Remote Settings - Dustin Dapp, Simon Fraser University & Lucy Newman-Hogan, University of Guelph
  • Ontario Hepatitis C Education and Outreach Program with Immigrants and Newcomers - Fozia Tanveer, CATIE, Canad

Session #4: Health Services Research

  • Use of Data to Drive Global Policy to Eliminate HCV - Homie Razavi, Centre for Disease Analysis
  • Decreased Confirmation of Chronic Hepatitis C Infections in Correctional Institutions Compared to the Community in Ontario - Nagma Grewal, Queen's University
  • Estimation of Hepatitis C Prevalence in Canada Via a Two-Stage Back-Calculation Algorithm - Abdullah Hamadeh, University of Waterloo
  • Population-Level Cascade of Care for Hepatitis C in British Columbia: Differences over time, by gender and birth cohort - Nuria Chapinal, BC Centre for Disease Control
  • A Framework of a National Hepatitis C Elimination Strategy in Canada - Alison Marshall, University of New South Wales, Australia, CanHepC Trainee

Opening Keynote Speaker for Canadian Liver Meeting

  • HCV Policy in Action: Lessons learned from Portugal - Ricardo Baptista Leite, Member of Parliament, Lisbon, Portugal


Saturday - feb 10, 2018
Canadian LIver Meeting 

Breakfast Symposium

  • Tips Optimizing Outcomes - Juan Gonzalez-Abraldes, University of Alberta

Public Health and Epidemiology Program

  • Delivering HCV care to PWID: We know that DAA therapies are effective, now what? - Jason Grebely, Kirby Institute & University of New South Wales
  • Epidemiology of Liver Disease in Canada - Jennifer Flemming, Queen's University
  • What are the research gaps to monitor and evaluate the elimination of hepatitis C in Canada by 2030 - Alison Marshall, Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC) and the Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney

Basic Science Program

  • Mechanisms of Liver Cell Death - Gregory Gores, Mayo Clinic
  • Host-Virus Interaction in HCV Infection - Selena Sagan, McGill University

Viral Hepatitis Paper Session

  • Monocyte Exposure to HBV Antigens Leads to Activation of HBV-specific CD4 T Cells - Aman Mehrotra, University Health Network
  • Altered M1 Macrophage Phenotype May Contribute to CD8+T-cell Dysfunction in Chronic HCV Infection with Advanced Liver Fibrosis - Angela Crawley, University Health Network
  • A Retrospective Nationwide Study on Hepatitis B Epidemiology and Genotypes; The Canadian Hepatitis B Network - Carla Coffin, University of Calgary

Plenary Session: The Forgotten Hepatitides

  • Current Management of Hepatitis D and Hepatitis E - Heiner Wedemeyer, Hannover Medical School
  • Hep B and Pregnancy Update - Carla Coffin, University of Calgary

Community Liver Update #1 - Best of AASLD

  • Viral Hepatitis Debrief - Paul Kwo, Stanford University
  • NAFLD Debrief - Kymberly Watt, Mayo Clinic
  • General Hepatology Debrief - Michael Lucey, University of Wisconsin

CAHN Program

  • Sleep Wake Disturbances in Cirrhosis - Raed Hawa, University of Toronto



sunday - feb 11, 2018
canadian liver meeting

General Hepatology Paper Session

  • Occult Liver Cirrhosis Diagnosed by Transient Elastography is Frequent and Under-monitored in HIV-Infected Patients: results of a large-scale screening program - Giada Sebastiani, McGill University
  • The Impact of Obesity in Cirrhotic Patients with Septic Shock: a retrospective cohort study - Beverley Kok, University of Alberta

CASL/CLF Gold Medal Lecture

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Lessons Learned - Gregory Gores, Mayo Clinic

CAHN Program

  • Case Study #1: Addition Case - Lesley Gallagher, University of Copenhagen
  • Case Study #2 - Decompensated Cirrhosis: to treat or not to treat - Liza Abraham, St. Michael's Hospital
  • Case Study #3: Mission Impossible: The challenges faced while waiting for double transplant and a HCV Treatment - Maria Stavrakis, Montreal Jewish General Hospital

Liver Transplant Symposium

  • Transplant for Metabolic Liver disease (peds) - Steve Martin, University of Calgary
  • Transplantation for Alcoholic Hepatitis - Michael Lucey, University of Wisconsin

Autoimmune Liver Disease Symposium

  • IgG4-Related Disease - Bertus Eksteen, University of Calgary

Keeping Up With The Literature

  • Top 3 Papers of 2017 (Liver) - Samuel Lee, University of Calgary
  • Top 3 Papers of 2017 (GI) - Robert Bailey, University of Alberta