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February 9-11, 2018
Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel

The Canadian Liver Meeting is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL), the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CANHEPC) and the Canadian Association of Hepatology Nurses (CAHN).

The meeting program offers a forum for presentation and discussion of basic science, translational and clinical aspects of liver disease. This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, promote collaboration and foster knowledge translation among Canadian researchers, healthcare practitioners and community-based groups with interest in Hepatology. 

On Saturday afternoon, the Meeting will include a Community Liver Update program, which offers a “state of the art” symposium on the management of patients with liver disease.  General practitioners, gastroenterologists, internists and other health care providers from the GTA and beyond can register separately for the Community Liver Update, or can attend this session as part of their overall registration for the Canadian Liver Meeting.

Program Highlights for FRIDAY, February 9: 

  • 7th Canadian Symposium on HCV
  • Keynote Address and Opening Reception 

Program Highlights for Saturday, February 10: 

  • Basic Science Symposium, including Dr. Gregory Gores speaking about Mechanism of Liver Cell Death
  • Public Health and Epidemiology Program, where CATIE will discuss the role of community in engaging patients in care
  • Nursing Program
  • The Forgotten Hepatitides
  • Community Liver Update including the “Best of AASLD” and “Hot Topics” in Liver Disease

Program Highlights for Sunday February 11:

  • The CLF/CASL Gold Medal Lecture: Dr. Gregory Gores
  • Liver Transplant Symposium
  • Autoimmune Liver Disease Program
  • Best Papers of 2017

CASL is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and healthcare providers whose expertise focuses on the liver, and provides national leadership in all aspects of research, education and patient care as they pertain to the liver.

CASL is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate liver disease through research, education and advocacy, Its members include hepatologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists, pediatricians, radiologists, scientists, surgeons, trainees and other interested people.


CanHepC is a collaborative research network funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) dedicated to translational research linking over 100 researchers, trainees, knowledge-users (community members, community-based organizations, policy and decision makers) in the field of Hepatitis C (HCV) from across Canada as well as international partners.



CAHN is a national professional organization that represents and supports hepatology nurses across Canada.  We promote leadership, clinical practice, education, and research in hepatology nursing.

Hepatology nursing is a specialized area of client-centered nursing that focus on the promotion of liver health, prevention of illness, and the care of clients. Since most liver diseases are chronic in nature, hepatology nursing practice promotes self-care, advocates for resources and supports the client through the illness experience.